Rochester Councilman Matt Haag won't run for re-election

Nov 30, 2016

Rochester Councilman Matt Haag says he won't seek re-election to a third term next year.  Haag says there are a couple of main reasons for that, and one of them is his full time job at the University of Rochester.

“Over the last 14 months the scope of my work at the university has grown in a way that has become much more challenging for me to manage my calendar on a day to day basis.”

Haag says he also needs more time to help his mother who is dealing with health issues.

Haag  has also been active in trying to help protect the rights of the LGBT community in Rochester. Haag is gay, and is hopeful that there will at some point be another member of the LGBT community who gets elected to City Council.

But he is confident of his council colleagues continuing to support those issues.

“We’re fortunate in that I have eight colleagues on city council who are advocates and allies to the LGBT community; it’s also fortunate that we have a mayor who is an advocate, an ally for the LGBT community.”

All five at-large council seats are up for election next year as is the office of Mayor.