Rochester Chamber leader concerned about impact of Amazon's decision not to locate in NYC

Feb 14, 2019

Credit Randy Gorbman / WXXI News

Bob Duffy, who is also a former Lieutenant Governor and Rochester Mayor, says the loss of the Amazon project for New York City could have repercussions for the entire state.

The Chamber President & CEO says that publicity over the political squabbles involving the Amazon facility in New York City could give other companies pause, when they consider locating in the state.

He also believes that even though the proposed Amazon operation was in New York City, it could have provided some revenue for upstate as well.

“I also think the income that comes into the state, we would feel some of that up here; New York City would probably gain a majority of that influence from Amazon, but I have the sense that somewhere along the line Upstate New York would also get some of that as well," Duffy said.

Rochester and Buffalo had earlier submitted a joint bid trying to get that second Amazon headquarters. Even though Amazon says it’s not considering any other new facilities besides those it’s already outlined for Virginia and Tennessee, Duffy hopes the online retailer will take another look at Rochester if it changes its mind.