RIT moves alert level on COVID-19 up a notch as a precaution

Oct 9, 2020

RIT officials say they are taking proactive steps to deal with a slight uptick in positive cases of COVID-19.

RIT has a four color-level alert system to track coronavirus cases on campus. It is continuously updated on its website.

On Friday, RIT officials said that they have decided to move the alert level up from green to yellow, saying that the prevalence of the virus remains low but indicators show potential for an increase in transmission. 

There were 3 positive cases in the last 14 days, and the university says they have been tracking some connected cases stemming from a student who traveled out of the area.

As a precaution, RIT says it will limit non-instructional indoor gatherings to 25 people and implement targeted testing.

Monroe County Commissioner of Public Health Dr. Michael Mendoza praised RIT for how they have been dealing with COVID cases, but he says at this point the prevalence of the virus is low on campus.

“You’re hearing more about it because there’s more transparency which is a good thing, but overall the numbers haven’t changed much since late summer,” Mendoza said.