Rhinos continue to try and drum up support in last week of fundraising

Nov 26, 2017

Credit Rochester Rhinos Facebook

With the deadline for raising funds to support the Rochester Rhinos getting closer by the day, Owners David and Wendy Dworkin plan to host a rally Tuesday night to generate support.

The owners are asking fans to come to Capelli Sport Stadium on Tuesday, November 28 from 6 to 8pm to pledge support for the Rhinos to return in 2018.

As for progress on the fundraising front, David Dworkin says it’s been a mixed response.

"I mean we've certainly been able to sell some season tickets. We have some possibility for a jersey sponsor but thus far no one has stepped up."

He says corporate response has been low overall, especially from larger companies. The Dworkins both said they see corporate sponsors less as a method of advertising, and more as a display of community support.

David Dworkin compared the response to a team in Louisville sponsored by GE.

"General Electric doesn’t need to tell the world they sell appliances. But they do it because they are based in Louisville and that they are proud to be there."

The Dworkins hope the rally generates support and excitement for the Rhinos. Wendy Dworkin said there are still a good amount of people who don’t recognize that Rochester even has a soccer team.

David Dworkin says the problem is that the Rhinos are an old legacy franchise, and might be taken for granted by some for always being here.  

In a press conference held just a few weeks ago, The Dworkins said they must raise $1.3 million by this Thursday, November 30th in order for the Rhinos to stay in Rochester and play in 2018.