Report: Xerox may be interested in trying to buy HP

Nov 6, 2019

There’s a report that Xerox is considering making an offer to buy HP.  The story comes from the Wall Street Journal, which reports that Xerox is considering making a cash and stock offer for HP.

There’s no guarantee that Xerox will follow through with an offer, or if they did, that it would succeed.

HP is more than three times the size of Xerox.

Xerox did just announce on Tuesday that it will sell its 25% stake in a joint venture it has with FUJI, which will see Xerox receiving about $2.3 billion.

The Journal also quotes sources as saying that Xerox has received an informal funding commitment from a major bank.

Xerox has been shoring up its bottom line lately, but has still been challenged in trying to increase sales.

HP recently said it would cut as much as 16% of its workforce as part of a restructuring plan.