Replacement outdoor MAG sculpture is moved into place

Aug 9, 2018

New bronze version of one of the 2 sculptures located near University Ave. and Goodman St. at the MAG
Credit Memorial Art Gallery

An empty space created by the removal of a well known sculpture at the Centennial Sculpture Park at the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester wasn’t empty for long.

On Thursday, workers moved a bronze sculpture into the spot where a limestone version of that statue had stood for several years.

Wednesday, workers used a crane to remove one of the two large sculptures located near the corner of University Avenue and Goodman Street.  They were created by artist Tom Otterness, and the figure of a female sculptor who is carving a male figure from a block of stone was removed because it was getting weather-related damage.

Credit Memorial Art Gallery

Otterness agreed to take it back and replace it with a bronze version.

Museum Director Jonathan Binstock says the bronze figure fits in well with the theme that involves other sculpture in that series that are all part of an exhibit called “Creation Myth,” which consists of a number of large pieces carved out of limestone and a series of smaller cast bronze pieces.