RBTL to implement walk-through metal detectors at the Auditorium Theatre

Oct 23, 2019

Credit www.rbtl.org

The Rochester Broadway Theatre League is adding walk-through metal detectors during performances at the Auditorium Theatre on Main Street.

That process will begin this week, and will be used at all entrances for future events.

Officials say the new security measure is intended to continue to provide a safe environment for patrons, performers and staff, and it will replace the current hand-held wands as a screening device.

When getting in to the theater, patrons will have to place things like purses, bags, keys, cell phones and other devices on a security table for manual inspection before they go through the metal detector.

But RBTL officials say that you won’t have to remove items like shoes, belts, coins and most jewelry.

“The safety of our patrons is our number one priority,” says John Parkhurst, Chief Operating Officer of The Rochester Broadway Theatre League. “The installation of this type of enhanced security is the new normal in our industry. We want our patrons to continue to enjoy their time at the theatre knowing that they are in a safe, secure environment.”

This implementation is the next step in a series of enhanced security changes applied by RBTL over the last two years. Officials say the change in policy is in response to evolving industry standards and aligns with local and national trends at sporting and other live entertainment venues.