Public Safety Committee of Rochester discussing PAB proposals Thursday

Jan 9, 2019

The Public Safety Committee of Rochester is scheduled to meet Thursday evening, and will discuss the recent police accountability board proposals from a local grassroots group and the mayor.

Just a few days ago, a community group calling themselves the Police Accountability Board Alliance spoke out against the mayor’s proposal released a few weeks ago.

City Council President Loretta Scott says they have been working with the Alliance to create a board everyone can agree on, and anticipates the mayor’s proposal will be tabled at this meeting.

Scott says the most contentious part of the plan is who has the authority to discipline officers, when the lack of trust between the community and police is so fraught.

"We have to have a greater level of community involvement in order to restore that. This kind of movement is taking a foot across the country, because it just seems that repeatedly there are instances where one can only look and say, why?"

Scott says City Councils proposal is not completed yet, but hopefully it will be ready by the end of the month.

She says she doesn’t want the work they are doing to give the impression that they don’t value the work of law enforcement.

"But we are hoping that the work we get done will show the importance of respect for both the citizens and the officers who are engaged in these various incidents."

The meeting takes place at City Hall at 4pm Thursday evening.