Proposals For Parcel 5 In Downtown Rochester Submitted

Sep 9, 2016

Credit PBS.org

The deadline to submit proposals for development of Parcel 5, a key piece of  real estate in downtown Rochester, was Friday.

The City of Rochester issued a statement says it received four proposals for the site. Mayor Lovely Warren says city officials look forward to completing a thorough review of the proposals, and says they will release additional details about the proposals at a later date.

The Rochester Broadway Theater League did release information about its proposal. Its plan calls for a 3,000 seat  performing arts center at the site.

John Parkhurst, is the Chief Operating Officer  at  RBTL, and says if they can build it, it would  be quite an improvement from their current space at the Auditorium Theater. 

"The Auditorium’s a great building that we rescued from going into bankruptcy and brought back to life, but it has a lot of limitations."

The Auditorium Theatre has 2,500 seats.

The RBTL estimates it would cost $85 million to build the new theater, and their plans also call for an additional $10 million endowment fund to ensure no operating subsidy would be required.

Parkhurst  says the new center would spark economic growth  as the renovation of theaters in other upstate communities has done