Proposal To Create Animal Abuse Registry

Jun 26, 2013

Democrats in the Monroe County Legislature are proposing a registry to keep track of people who abuse animals.

The CEO of Lollypop Farm and the Humane Society of Greater Rochester, Alice Calabrese says her organization logs over 1200 calls about animal cruelty every year.

And that's why she supports a proposal by the lawmakers who want to establish a registry of people convicted of serious animal abuse crimes.

She says there is a high recidivism rate among some people who abuse animals.  

"With the case of animal hoarding, a high rate of repeat offenders on that, and that's not only an animal cruelty issue, but also a mental health issue "

The proposal from the Democratic legislators would establish a registry of those convicted of serious animal abuse crimes and prevent those offenders from possessing any animal for ten years after their conviction.