Positive COVID-19 tests force temporary closure of 2 City Hall offices

Aug 15, 2021

Credit cityofrochester.gov

The City Clerk’s Office and the Treasury Department at Rochester City Hall will be closed to the public until Wednesday, Aug. 18, due to multiple employees testing positive for COVID-19, according to city officials.

The two offices are physically adjacent to each other.

City Hall Communications Director Justin Roj said between three and five employees have tested positive; 17 staffers work in both offices. He noted that officials are still awaiting more test results.

The offices will be deep-cleaned and their other employees will be tested before their return to City Hall.

Residents who want to conduct business with the offices before they reopen on Wednesday may use the drop boxes located at the entrance to City Hall on Fitzhugh Street during normal business hours of 9 a.m to 5 p.m. Any payments should be submitted using a check or money order.

Any resident wishing to use cash for payment should wait until the offices reopen on Wednesday. Any delayed payment during the next two days will not incur any additional interest, penalties or fees.

Roj said that as of Aug. 3, all employees in and visitors to City Hall have been required to wear masks in common areas. However, any visitors to the City Clerk or Treasury offices during the last week are encouraged to get tested for COVID-19 as a precaution to protect their health and their loved ones.

Roj said there is no reason for any concern related to any other city offices or departments at this time.