Police chief, Mayor appeal to public after crime spike

Jul 12, 2019

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren (L), Police Chief LaRon Singletary (C) and City Council Vice President Willie Lightfoot make appeals to the public to stop the violence.
Credit cityofrochester.gov

After a spike in homicides in the last several days, Mayor Lovely Warren and Rochester Police Chief LaRon Singletary on Friday made an appeal to the public to help stop the violence. They spoke at the Portland Avenue peace garden just south of Norton Street.

As always, Singletary says it’s important for people to speak up.

“I urge residents that if you know of a loved one involved in illegal activity, if you know someone carrying a gun out here in these streets. Call us before it’s too late,” Singletary said.

Singletary said the department is beefing up patrols in some places, increasing intelligence efforts, and changing two-way streets into one-way streets. He says changes like that can help keep criminals off-balance. 

Warren and City Council Vice President Willie Lightfoot also made appeals to the public. They asked clergy and church-goers to pray for peace in Rochester. 

“Last year and the year before last we were able to reduce crime, and that was because of the community’s help and that’s why we’re making this appeal today,” said Warren.