Penfield School District says boys' basketball team quarantined

Sep 27, 2020


Credit penfield.edu

The Penfield Central School District announced on Sunday that the Monroe County Department of Health has decided to quarantine the boys' varsity basketball team as a precaution.

 That’s after a Penfield High School student was diagnosed with COVID-19. The student last attended school on September 18.

 County health officials have determined that the student was not infectious while in school and there was no risk of exposure in the school building.

 District Superintendent Thomas Putnam said that, “While I understand that this quarantine raises concerns, it demonstrates that the contact tracing process is working. We appreciate the guidance and support of the Monroe County Department of Public Health in these matters and understand their cautious approach in ensuring the health and safety of our students.”

School officials say that the infected student and teammates will not return to in-person learning until cleared by county health officials.