Party in the Park concerts will feature alcohol-free zones

May 12, 2017

Credit freeimages.com/Ventileit

For the first time this year, Rochester's Party in the Park concert series will offer a special section for people in recovery and their friends and families.

The alcohol-free zones will be called "Area 12".  David Attridge of the support group Recovery Now NY says you'll be able to recognize them by the purple balloons. Volunteers will wear purple t-shirts.

Attridge was inspired to create these sober spaces because of his own experiences in recovery.        

"I would go to different events and there was just so much alcohol and sometimes drugs and I knew people personally who ended up relapsing out of recovery and it sort of bothered me, because we should be able to go to a show and enjoy ourselves."

Attridge said the Area 12 zones will be set up for each Party in the Park concert on Thursdays from June through August at Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Park.

In addition to supporting people who are in recovery, Attridge hopes the accommodations inspire those who might be considering getting sober.

"A lot of times people who might be using get worried, 'What is my life going to become like? Is it going to be a boring life?' No, it's not, and we just wanted to offer the tools to afford that for the people."

He said he hopes to expand the concept to different events throughout the community.