Open Door Mission Prepping for Annual Thanksgiving Dinner

Nov 23, 2016

Open Door Mission
Credit opendoormission.com

The Open Door Mission is getting ready to host its 64th annual Thanksgiving banquet from 4 to 7 pm on Thursday.

Executive Director Mike Hennessey says the community has come through again and has donated more than enough to serve 150 to 200 meals for those who are less fortunate.

"We have an overabundance of donations, we have an overabundance of turkeys, we have an overabundance of everything," he said.

Any extra food is redistributed thorough local churches and food cupboards in the community.

Hennessey adds it's a day when hope can be restored and rekindled. 

Open Door Mission's needs list

"There are people that love you and are there for you, and I remind them that we're completely privately funded, and it's the community who you see go by in their cars all day that are loving you and donating to make sure you have what you need, especially on days like today, and it's very well appreciated," he said.

Hennessey is encouraging people to check out the mission's needs list at opendoormission.com

He says now, the Open Door Mission is looking for donations of hams for Christmas.