Online survey seeks information about area's Jewish community

Jun 21, 2019

The Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester this week launched the first comprehensive survey of the local Jewish community in a decade.

It's open to those who identify as Jews and have Jewish heritage, but also to people who work for or get services from local Jewish organizations.

The questionnaire seeks information about everything from interests of individuals and families to the need for greater inclusion among groups that may feel excluded. 

The survey also asks how people feel about the rise in anti-Semitism across the country.

"We've seen two incidents in the last six months of shootings in synagogues, and we want people to express their concerns around security and anti-Semitism so we can prepare the community properly," said federation CEO Meredith Dragon.

The collected data will be used for strategic planning over the next 10-plus years. Dragon said there's one survey for adults and one for 13- to 19-year-olds.

"They are our future,” said Dragon, “and if we don't know what they want and what their needs are, and we're looking to plan 10, 15 years out, then we're missing important demographic information and we don't want to do that."

You can find the survey at EveryVoiceCounts2019.com. It will be online through mid-August.