Oneidas' Feel Progress Made in 2013

Dec 29, 2013

A representative for the Oneida Indian Nation calls the end of the current NFL regular season "entirely forgettable."

Ray Halbritter, Oneida Nation Representative

In Sunday's Washington Post, Ray Halbritter summed up the effort in 2013 to get the Washington team to change its nickname.

Halbritter takes a poke at the team's win-loss record, then says it's unacceptable for a pro sports league to continue promoting the name "Redskins," a racial slur.

Halbritter says public opinion in 2013 coalesced into what he labels as a "permanent movement." He points to civil rights groups, religious leaders and sports icons who joined politicians calling for change.

The effort to change the nickname will only get stronger in 2014, according to Halbritter's essay.

Credit ChangeTheMascot.org