NYS tax department says look out for scam letters

Sep 6, 2019

Fake letters demanding payment for an outstanding tax debt are circulating around the state. The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance wants you to be on the lookout for these scam letters and to let the tax department know if you receive one.

The fake letters say that the tax department will take away our driver license and passport if you don’t respond. The letter also demands full payment by a specific date and has an 888 number to call. You can see one of the fake letters here.

The tax department says real letters would have information about payment agreements if taxes were owed, information about challenging a bill or notice, and an explanation of your rights as a taxpayer.

The tax department says a real letter would include:

  • Tax Department logo;
  • a complete return mailing address;
  • an option to respond online, by phone, or by mail;
  • the Tax Department website address;
  • a detailed explanation for why it was sent; and
  • an explanation of your rights as a taxpayer.

If you do get one of these fake letters, call the NYS tax department at 518-451-1566.