NYS takes steps it says should make access to medical marijuana easier

Aug 10, 2017

New medical marijuana policies could be coming to New York State in the coming months.

The NYS Department of Health  says the policy changes should make access to medical marijuana easier. 

If these guidelines are adopted New Yorkers would see a few changes to the current medical marijuana setup.

For one - companies that are registered to make and sell medical marijuana would be allowed to make more products.

Those would include topicals, like lotions, ointments and patches.  Under these proposed changes- companies could also make and sell medical marijuana in chewable tablets and lozenges.

Another change would be that patients could bring people other than only designated caregivers to dispensaries. And finally - doctors interested in prescribing medical marijuana would be able to take a shorter two hours course under these update guidelines. The current course is four hours long. 

These regulations will be published in the state register in two weeks - after that the policies are subject to a 30 day public comment period before they are adopted.