No new coronavirus deaths, but 44 new cases, in Monroe County's latest numbers

May 30, 2020

The Monroe County Department of Public Health reported no new COVID-19 deaths on Saturday -- the second time this week that the county has seen a 24-hour span without a reported death from the disease.

Still, overall growth in the county's death toll -- still at 218 -- has not ceased. This week, the county also reported its largest single-day death total.

The health department said there were 44 new cases of the novel coronavirus confirmed in the county on Saturday. Of those, three were in people under 20 years old; nine were in people in their 90s.

The county said 20 people were in intensive care units in local hospitals for COVID-19 treatment. That's the highest number recorded since May 18, but it's still well below the peak of 39 that the county recorded on April 8.