"No Excuses" For Underage Drinking

May 10, 2016

One of the "No Excuses" displays at Irondequoit Liquor
Credit Alex Crichton

The New York State Liquor Authority, the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility, or Responsbility.org, advocates and industry partners have launched Governor Cuomo's "No Excuses" campaign in Rochester.

It's aimed at curbing underage drinking.

CEO of Responsibility.org, Ralph Blackman, says each year they work with member companies on projects like this during prom and graduation season.

"To ensure alcohol that alcohol is purchased only by adults of legal purchase age, and then not provided to anyone underage," he says.

Blackman says parents are the leading influence of their teens' decisions to drink or not to drink alcohol.

"Let them know that underage drinking is dangerous, it's illegal and it's irresponsible," he says.

Joe Blackman of "Responsibility.org" (l), Irondequoit Liquor owner Joe Pecoraro, and Monroe County Clerk Adam Bello (r)

The "No Excuses" campaign was launched locally at Irondequoit Liquor.

Owner Joe Pecoraro says they won't sell alcohol to anyone without a valid driver's license.

"I mean you should even be in here unless you're over 21 or with a parent.  and if you don't look like you're at that age, you're going to be asked to provide proof, and if you can't, we're not going to sell to you," he says.

State Police report that while underage drinking rates are down, in 2014 43 drivers between 15 and 20 years old were killed in crashes.

12 of them had been drinking, and 9 were above the legal limit.

Ralph Blackman of Responsbility.org, one of the partners in the “No Excuses” campaign: