New York's statewide 7-day COVID-19 positivity rate drops below 1%

May 22, 2021

Credit Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

New York state’s COVID-19 7-day positivity rate has dropped to .95%. That’s the lowest number since September 25.

In other data released by Governor Andrew Cuomo on Saturday, the 7-day average positivity rate for the Finger Lakes was 2.44%. That was the highest of any region in the state. The Finger Lakes was the only region to have a positivity rate above 2%.

Monroe County on Saturday reporeted 126 new cases of COVID-19. The 7-day rolling average of new cases is 138 new cases per day.

In terms of vaccinations, Cuomo says the percentage of New Yorkers with at least one vaccine dose is 51.6%.  The percentage of New Yorkers with the completed vaccine series is 43.6%.

In the Finger Lakes, the percentage of residents with at least one vaccine dose is 52.1%. The percentage of residents with the completed series is 45.6%