New York woman launches 'campaign for decency' in response to uncivil political discourse

Aug 28, 2017

Credit Lisa Cholnoky

After she overheard a decidedly civil conversation between her 14-year old son, Alexander, and his friend with an opposing political philosophy, a New York woman decided we can all bring more decency to our political discourse.

Lisa Cholnoky, a graphic designer who lives in New York City, has launched a campaign for decency aimed a restoring a sense of respect and dignity to our conversations.  She is shocked by the number of friends, family, and neighbors who share their stories of broken friendships and divided families because we have lost the ability to have civil discussions. 

Cholnoky designed a simple, round, white button with the type written word 'decency.' She carried a larger version of it on a sign at the March on Washington last January and she has worn her button in New York where fellow subway passengers have said positive things about it.

Last month, Cholnoky sent the pins to all 535 members of Congress, hoping they will get the message when they return from their summer recess. 

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