New York State Education Department: no changes to standardized tests for now

Nov 14, 2016

Credit www.brockport.edu

Officials say the New York State Education Department will not make additional changes to standardized tests for students in grades three through eight, at least through 2018.

Board of Regents Chancellor Betty Rosa says the tests will continue to be given in three sessions for this school year and the following school year.  She says maintaining the current testing right now will allow the state to measure student development over time.

Rosa says the state will consider moving to two-day tests in 2019, and will also look at the possibility of adding multiple ways to measure student achievement.

The state already made a number of changes to the English and math tests for this past year including reducing the length of the tests, allowing students as much time as needed to complete the exams and making the reports given to parents more user-friendly.

NYSUT, the statewide teacher's union, criticized state officials accusing them of  "punting" on the changes needed to move forward , and not heeding the concerns of parents and educators.  The union urged the state to reconsider.