New At Wegmans: Induction Hearing Loops

Jan 7, 2016

If you use hearing aids or have cochlear implants equipped with what's called a "T" coil, you can now use them at Wegmans.

Induction hearing loops have been in performance halls, churches and movie theatres for years, but Wegmans spokesperson Jo Natale told WXXI they haven't been used much in stores yet.

"You have hearing loss, and you're wearing a hearing aid that has a tele-coil, you can hear the cashier speaking to you much more clearly, if there's a hearing induction loop installed at that location,” said Natale.

Natale says people with the “T” coil technology know to look for the hearing loop signs.


"It's actually a line drawing of an ear with a letter T in the bottom right hand corner."

Wegmans plans to install induction hearing loops in at least three locations in its stores.

"We have designated checkout lanes. We have them in the pharmacy, one at checkout and one at a counseling area, and at the service desk."

It’s a service to customers with hearing loss, said Natale. "Make it easier for them to ask questions and get answers in places where the background noise might prevent that from happening very easily."

Wegmans tested loops for a couple of years with help from the Rochester chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of America.

"They knew where these systems were installed in our three stores and they went to those stores, and then gave us great feedback about what worked well and what didn't."

The induction hearing loop systems should be in all Wegmans by the end of the year.