New shelter to cater to LGBTQ youth

Nov 8, 2018

Credit centerforyouth.net

Rochester's Center for Youth has begun a remodeling project for the first LGBTQ and Trafficked Homeless Youth Shelter in the area.

They're demolishing a residence that has been donated to the center, according to Director of Development and Special Events, Jason Roberts.

"First of its kind in our region, and is really meeting the need of a vulnerable population that sometimes just don't have resources," he said.

Roberts says LGBTQ youth are only about 7 percent of this community, but they make up 40 percent of the homeless youth population.

He says this just enhances the support services they've been offering for 47 years.

Credit centerforyouth.net

"We've served this community for years, but this shelter will truly be catered to the population.  We're not going to set the standard, we want the youth to turn to us and say this is what we need, this is what we're looking for in a shelter.  This is what I need to get to a place of stability for six months, nine months, it really is going to be catered to the youth," he said.

The new shelter is in a donated residence on Arnett Boulevard.

The LGBTQ & trafficked homeless youth shelter should open later this winter or early next spring.