New name for organization working to put an end to homelessness

17 hours ago

Credit letsendhomelessness.org

A multi-agency organization that focuses on connecting the homeless to the services they need is changing its name to better reflect is mission and encourage more collaboration.

Previously known as the Rochester-Monroe County Homeless Continuum of Care, the nonprofit is now calling itself Partners Ending Homelessness.

Executive Director Connie Sanderson says the old name was confusing for people engaged with the organization, including the homeless. The new name gives a clearer understanding of what the organization does.

“It really describes what we do and who we are," she said. “So by ending homelessness, what that means is when that happens to a person, there's enough resources in the community that they can quickly address the crisis and then get moved to permanent housing as quickly as possible.”

Director of Development Services for the city, Dana Miller, applauds the work of Partners Ending Homelessness, adding that homelessness has a big impact on Mayor Lovely Warren's three top priorities of more jobs, safer and more vibrant neighborhoods, and increased educational opportunities. Edit | Remove

Sanderson says Partners Ending Homelessness is the primary coordinator of homeless housing and services in the community, administering $12 million dollars in funding each year from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Chair of the Homeless Services Network, Michael Rood, says Partners Ending Homelessness has an ambitious vision for a future where every person is able to obtain stable housing. He says on any given night, 849 people experience homelessness in Monroe County.

Connie Sanderson says there is an answer to the homelessness problem:

Here’s Lisa Buschemi, who says the partners in the Homeless Services Network helped her turn her life around: