New Monroe County budget includes more child care money, but won't fund permanent downtown DMV

Dec 14, 2016

The Monroe County Legislature passed the 2017 budget Tuesday night.

But that $1.2 billion dollar spending plan will not include money for the downtown DMV office that County Clerk Adam Bello said earlier this week he wanted to establish next year.  Right now, there is a mobile downtown motor vehicles office, but there hasn’t been a permanent office for a number of years.

Bello is a Democrat who was appointed County Clerk by Governor Cuomo earlier this year, and was then elected to the position in November.

Republican Majority Leader on the county legislature Brian Marianetti says his caucus passed an amendment to the budget Tuesday which will increase child care funding by $52,000 in addition to the $100,000 included in the 2017 budget. Marianetti says the money came from positions that were funded in the County Clerk’s Office for a downtown DMV.

Marianetti says they did that since there are no definitive plans taken to open the permanent DMV office next year. 

The county budget was passed along party lines on Tuesday.