New legislation would create jobs, revive manufacturing communites

Jun 20, 2018

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has announced legislation that would designate manufacturing hubs across New York State and the country.

She says the "Made in America Manufacturing Communities Act" would create jobs and invest in local economies, creating dedicated federal funding and technical assistance to communities that are awarded the designation.

She says a "designated community" could be a city, a county, or a region; any area that has a history of manufacturing or a business plan to enhance it.

“It would let communities all over New York apply to be designated as “manufacturing communities,” which would give them access to funding to help them rebuild their manufacturing sectors.”

Gillibrand says the manufacturing industry here took a big hit, and that plenty of places are ready to work but don’t know how to access federal funding, thus insuring New York stays competitive.

She says the Obama administration tested out a similar program that actually included Rochester - one of 24 communities nationwide.

“Rochester’s manufacturing optics and photonic industries have had great growth. They’ve had investments coming in and the community is better off because of it.”

The bill passed the full senate this week, and is now heading to the house.