New House Sergeant-at-Arms grew up in Rochester

Jan 11, 2021

Tim Blodgett, being sworn-in at the House of Representatives on Monday, January 11, 2021 as the new Sergeant-at-Arms
Credit cspan.org

There is a Rochester connection to the changes that have occurred in Washington, D.C. following the insurrection and rioting that took place at the U.S. Capitol last week.

On Monday, The House of Representatives accepted the resignation of the House Sergeant-at-Arms, Paul Irving, after last week’s riots. And sworn-in to that job is the man who has been the Deputy Sergeant-at-Arms, Tim Blodgett.  Blodgett grew up in Rochester, not far from Aquinas Institute, where he graduated from in 1984. In fact, Blodgett spoke to Aquinas grads at their commencement in 2019.

Principal of the school, Ted Mancini, said that when Blodgett spoke to the graduates, “He definitely challenged them to be leaders to follow their dreams and to remind them that the contribution that we make to our community is about making it better for everybody.”

During that commencement address, Blodgett said that, “Service is sometimes very easy and it can be extremely difficult. Remember that no matter how insignificant that you think your service may be, it may extremely significant, even lifesaving, to others.”

Mancini said that he visited Blodgett some years ago at his office in the Capitol, and Mancini told WXXI News that  it was difficult to see the rioting and damage happening at that historic building last week.

“It was tough to watch, very tough to watch, having been in those halls and seeing that, to me it’s a symbol for…not just a symbol, it is the place where our government takes place, it is the house of the people,” Mancini said.

Tim Blodgett was the commencement speaker at Aquinas Institute in 2019
Credit Aquinas Institute/YouTube

Blodgett has a background as an attorney, and both Mancini, and Rochester Chamber of Commerce president Bob Duffy spoke highly of Blodgett’s skills and commitment to service. Duffy knows Blodgett  well, since he is the first cousin of Duffy’s wife. 

“I think Tim Blodgett is very well suited for that role, he’s very experienced, he’s very smart and he will do a great job,” Duffy said. He’s been there for many, many years and I know he’s very well respected down there, but he would not be put in that position today and sworn in if he did have the confidence of leadership on both sides of the aisle in Congress.”