New Greece Historic Marker Unveiled

Dec 7, 2015

History was made in Greece this morning. A new historic marker to be exact.

Credit TWCN

"It just shows not only the spirit of patriotism, shows the entrepreneurial spirit, but it just shows the American way. We will figure out a way to get the job done," said Supervisor Bill Reilich.

Reilich planned the unveiling of the sign for the 74th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The sign marks the former Odenbach Shipbuilders at Dewey Avenue and Ling Road where Odenbach built ships for the Army during World War II.

"The Odenbachs have a rich history in the town long before the facility was built. When the war effort broke out, they stepped up like so many did, and they stepped up in a large way and pulled it together.” Reilich added, “He was asked - Can you build ships? - and he said sure, I can build ships, having never built one before."

Reilich said Odenbach met the deadlines and objectives of the government, even creating a channel to get the boats from the factory into the water.

The old factory is being dismantled and the site cleared for development. Supervisor Bill Reilich told WXXI he's met with the developer and is hopeful.

"He's got some great plans. Whether they come to be, we certainly hope they do. We hope that this property is put to some good use."

Reilich quickly points out that nothing has been formally proposed to this point.

"He has visited the town with his concept of having some retail, enlarging a waterway on this property so people can canoe or kayak, built around a sports theme with retail and I believe some restaurants."

The Odenbach family has furnished the town community center with a large model replica of the ships.

The William G. Pomeroy Foundation funded the marker and the town put it in place.