New garbage pick-up options offered for Pittsford residents

Feb 6, 2019

The Town of Pittsford is looking at a new way to take out the trash.

After the consolidation of waste hauling companies, Town Supervisor Bill Smith has announced an initiative to create refuse districts for neighborhoods.

He says it's a system that has worked in neighboring Brighton, and should benefit the town of Pittsford and its residents.

Credit npr.org

``The town would be the bidder, for all of the proposed districts, and hopefully at a lower rate.  The experience with refuse districts is that the people in them pay a lower rate for garbage collection than those who contract individually with the waste haulers," he said.

Smith says the system would also be beneficial for the environment.

``This way there will be one truck coming down, once a week, so it's good for the roads, it's good for the environment, and it's good for improving traffic congestion," he said.

And it would be quieter because there wouldn't be several trucks from numerous haulers going down town roads several days a week.

Smith says the town would be the bidder for all districts, and residents would be billed annually on their town tax bill.

He says the state requires a process by which a district is set up.

Petition signatures from residents in neighborhoods wanting to set up a refuse district need to be submitted to the Town's Public Works Department by April 30th.

After that a public hearing would be held and the town board would decide upon the proposed refuse districts.