New Event Planner in the City's East End

Jul 31, 2016

There's plenty of space for events at Arbor Loft
Credit Alex Crichton

A young entrepreneur in Rochester is opening up a new event space in a warehouse that once housed an auto repair shop in the city's East End.

20-something event planner Agathi Georgiou is owner of Agathi and Co., and now runs Arbor Loft, a 5300 square foot space which occupies the second floor of the building that houses Hart's Local Grocers.

Georgiou says she and her two assistants and various interns can plan everything from corporate and charity events to weddings to private parties for hundreds of people.

"Whether you're having a bridal shower, or whether you're planning a wedding and making it their perfect day, or a fundraising event and raising a ton of money the purpose of it is that it's making others happy. It's making others fulfilled, and part of our job is to make that happen," she said. "It's a nice little big space in the middle of Rochester's East End where people wouldn't expect to have an event space and here we are making it happen."

It's a woman-owned venture, and Georgiou admits being a woman and running a business, in general, is very difficult.

"A lot of trials and tribulations to get to this point, but I feel like being a woman owned business in this city has opened up a lot of people's eyes to the possibilities," she said.

She says the space has events booked into 2018, including weddings planned for Saturdays next June.

Here's Agathi Georgiou talking about her new business venture, Arbor Loft: