New Complex Care Center in Rochester

Mar 17, 2016

UofR's Joel Seligman helps cut the ribbon on the new Complex Care Center
Credit Alex Crichton

A new health care facility is opening in Rochester, designed to treat patients who have had chronic health issues since childhood.

UR Medicine cut the ribbon on its Complex Care Center at 905 Culver Road on Thursday.

Center Director, Dr. Tiffany Pulcino, says there are a growing number of patients who have had serious health problems since childhood, and the center is dedicated to them.

"The goal of the center is create a new model of health care using a team approach, using multiple health care disciplines, to approach the patient where they are and when they need that care, as opposed to them having to go to multiple locations."

Medical Center CEO Mark Taubman says the new center is a primary care practice devoted to adults with childhood diseases.

"The complex care center will focus on the needs of adults and families affected by a variety of pediatric onset conditions, including cystic fibrosis, cerebral palsy, sickle cell anemia, and intellectual developmental disabilities, which alone, comprise almost half of the patients."

Dr. Taubman adds the care model extends well beyond the clinic, with care managers to help people navigate the health care system, reduce emergency department admissions, and hospitalizations.

He says it will also integrate other services such as nutrition counseling, physical therapy and mental health, and dental health services as well.

The Complex Care Center opens Monday.

Here's Center Director Dr. Tiffany Pulcino at Thursday's event: