New Athletic Fields Coming to Camp Eastman in Irondequoit

Aug 1, 2016

Town of Irondequoit officials say they plan to construct a new athletic field complex at Camp Eastman.

Supervisor Dave Seeley made the announcement today about the $1 million dollar project.

He says the project will be built on one of the last open spaces in the town, and four athletic fields will be constructed in an area where currently only one exists.

"When there are tournaments in town you see people scurrying all over the place trying to find where the fields are.  This will make it easier by increasing capacity and also predictability I think for the leagues as well." he said.

Large berm that will need to be leveled to make room for the new athletic fields
Credit Alex Crichton

Seeley says you can't underestimate the importance of providing quality athletic fields so kids can play sports and stay active.

"When people are looking to buy a house and start a family, you know youth sports leagues is now something immensely popular, and important to making that decision. So it's one of the many criteria that we want to be at the top of our game in Irondequoit in addition to our good neighborhoods, good schools, sidewalks, all the other things families are looking for when they purchase their home," he said.

Boys Director for Irondequoit Youth Lacrosse, Ed Leva, says this is great news for that program.

"We have space issues. We do the best with what we have, but this is a game changer for us," he said.

Big day for Irondequoit Youth Soccer and Lacrosse programs

State Senator Rich Funke and Assembly Majority Leader Joe Morelle secured half a million dollars in state funding for the nearly $1 million dollar project.

Construction should start this fall, with a completion date of the spring 2018.

Here's Supervisor Seeley talking about the project: