NE Neighbors Join To Plan Their Future

Nov 7, 2015

Neighbors in one part of Northeast Rochester are being asked to help redesign where they live.

Ribbon cutting for El Camino housing in 2010.
Credit nysenate.gov

"We want the people who live there and are working there now - hardworking people - to maintain and be the strong base for this community's future," said Director of Special Projects Miguel Melendez of the Ibero-American Development Corporation. The IADC is affiliated with the Ibero-American Action League in Rochester.

For more than seven years, the IADC has worked to improve the El Camino area, recently adding 50 units of housing. Melendez hopes to hear from the people who are investing there.

"We'll be getting input from residents who live in the community, and partners who have a stake in this neighborhood along Conkey Avenue, and working towards creating a vision plan for the future of the community."

Melendez says the neighborhood adjacent to the Genesee River and Conkey Avenue has tremendous assets. IADC is holding a design and listening session today (Saturday) at School 8 at 1180 St. Paul Street.

"Over time, we have seen so much resident involvement in our work that this is a way for us to be a conduit to them, putting it all together."

Melendez told WXXI he expects much interest in developing business on North Clinton Avenue, and in housing.

"I also do think that we will spend a lot of time talking about housing and how to develop opportunities for residents who are current homeowners to receive some support for housing in their neighborhood."

All the suggestions offered at the meeting will be recorded to be used in a six-month planning process that will follow this meeting. Melendez says a team of residents, stakeholders and Ibero staff will develop the input into a plan for the neighborhood.