Nazareth College Says Cost Reductions Will Keep Tuition Increase Lower

Mar 7, 2013

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Faculty and staff at Nazareth College have teamed up to recommend some cost-cutting strategies the college says will limit the latest tuition increase.  College President Daan Braveman said the school will realize $5.8 million in savings, "Mostly cuts in operating budgets. There are some staff savings as well. We're going to initiate a voluntary retirement program. We're going to take some existing programs we have spread out around the campus and make them more efficient and effective."   Braveman said the savings will result in a tuition increase of 3.9 % for the coming school year. In recent years, tuition has increased between 6%   and 7%. 

Braveman said there are ongoing efforts to reduce spending. "Our CFO is leading an effort by twenty schools in Upstate New York to look at ways we can collaborate on purchasing items and services so we can all save money. There is a significant opportunity there for all of the colleges to reduce their expenses when we work together to purchase goods and services."