NASCAR's Kyle Busch Burns Up Some Tires In Rochester

Jul 11, 2013

A relatively big crowd was on hand Thursday morning in Rochester to watch a well known NASCAR driver do stunts on the Broad Street Bridge.

Kyle Busch took one of his cars up and down the street, doing burnouts and "doughnuts," which is  basically spinning the tires to the point where they produce a lot of smoke, and in the process, he ended up shredding at least one tire along the way.

It was big fun for the hundreds of people lining up along the bridge, and Busch says it was a lot of fun for him as well.

“There's not very  many opportunities to get to take your race car on the streets of anywhere, to be on the streets of Rochester is pretty cool, we had some fun today and really looking forward to the race that's coming up at Watkins Glen. "

Among the fans that stopped by to see Kyle Busch, Carl Lundquist, who loves the style of driving Busch displays every week.

"We're great Kyle Busch fans, he's just an aggressive driver, and that's what NASCAR is all about, it's too bad they don't have stronger front bumpers so they could keep bumping people off the road. "

Busch was here to help promote the upcoming NASCAR races at Watkins Glen which happen the weekend of August 10th and 11th.