Nagasaki Mayor Visits Rochester

Rochester, NY – The mayor of Nagasaki, Japan spent Friday in Rochester, meeting with school children and with city officials in hopes of setting up a Sister Cities partnership.

Mayor Iccho Itoh says Nagasaki and Rochester have a special relationship through a "Peace Doll" made by children of his city in 1927. It's at the Rochester Museum and Science Center, along with pictures exchanged by students at Rochester School 36 and schools in Nagasaki.

Mayor Itoh visited School 36 Friday morning. He spoke through an interpreter, saying he was impressed with the welcome. Itoh said he wants to see harmony between the two cities.

Rochester already has a sister city relationship with Hamamatsu, Japan and with many other cities around the world.

Supporters say such relationships lead to business and commercial ties. They also say they advance the cause of world peace, one friendship at a time.

Nancy Huppert of Sister Cities International in Washington accompanied Mayor Itoh to Rochester. She says Rochester will soon have a sister city in China, and there's strong local support for a second Japanese Sister Cities relationship between Rochester and Nagasaki.