Music video is anthem reclaiming power over domestic violence

Jan 7, 2019

Credit provided

Webster native and Emmy award winner Renee Sotile noticed something while covering the O.J. Simpson murder trial as a photojournalist in 1995.

As the trial progressed, much of the attention was focused on Simpson and not his former wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, who along with her friend, Rob Goldman, was brutally murdered outside her home in Brentwood, California in 1994.

O.J. Simpson was acquitted of the crimes.

Now, nearly 25 years after Nicole's violent death, Sotile produced a music video to raise awareness of domestic violence and support for its survivors.

Portions of the video, called "I Remember Nicole", were shot in the Rochester area during Sotile's trips back home to visit her family.

She's offering free use of the video to organizations that advocate for domestic violence victims for inspiration and fundraising.

Sotile will return to Rochester on Monday, January 7, for a 6 p.m.  event at Jennifer House at 634 Culver Road.  There will be a screening of the video followed by a discussion with Sotile and via skype with Tanya Brown, sister of Nicole Brown Simpson.

Click on the LISTEN link above to hear Renee Sotile talk about what inspired the project and how she hopes it can help survivors of domestic violence.