Morelle: 'I haven't made my final decision' on House Speaker

Nov 20, 2018

New Democrats in the House of Representatives have a decision to make -- whether they will vote for Nancy Pelosi as speaker.

One of those freshmen is Joe Morelle, who won both the special election and the general election to fill the seat once held by the late Louise Slaughter.

"I said during the campaign that when I made a decision about who I'd support for speaker, the person I thought would serve the best interests of the country and our community.  So far, leader Pelosi is the only one who's approached me for her support.  I haven't made a final decision, obviously I'll be making one in the next several days," he said.

Joe Morelle during his swearing in ceremony in Congress last week
Credit www.c-span.org

On Monday, 16 Democrats signed a letter vowing to oppose Pelosi.

Morelle says he understands the impetus for new thoughts and ideas, but says there's also something to be said about people who have been in positions of leadership.

"I think it needs to be a mix of someone who is open to new ideas, and someone who has the experience necessary to lead the House and to help make an agenda going forward that's in the best interest of the American public."

Morelle says the ideal speaker would let him meet his parochial interest of best serving the interests of the people in this community in the shortest period of time, and to have some influence in the House.