Monroe County reports one new COVID-19 death and 46 more confirmed cases

May 10, 2020

Monroe County reported 46 new confirmed COVID-19 cases and one new coronavirus-related death on Sunday. The oldest reported case is a woman in her hundreds. The youngest are in their 20s.

Of the nearly 1,800 confirmed cases, county health officials say 85 people are hospitalized, 19 of whom are on a ventilator in the Intensive Care Unit. 

Credit Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

So far, 1,200 individuals in total have recovered from isolation. The county health department says this number reflects confirmed positive cases and “known presumed” positive cases.

The 3-day average for tests taken in Monroe County is at just over 99o tests per day. That includes antibody tests and PCR tests, which the FDA says can detect viral genetic code, or viral RNA.

County officials say more than 20,000 total PCR tests have been received in Monroe County to date.

Statement from the Monroe County Department of Public Health:

New Cases

There are 46 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 since the 4 p.m. update on Saturday, May 9.

These new individuals include:

- 5 Females in their 20s

- 2 Males in their 20s

- 5 Females in their 30s

- 2 Males in their 30s

- 2 Males in their 40s

- 4 Females in their 50s

- 1 Male in his 50s

- 4 Females in their 60s

- 3 Males in their 60s

- 7 Females in their 70s

- 1 Male in his 70s

- 4 Males in their 80s

- 3 Females in their 90s

- 2 Males in their 90s

- 1 Females in her 100s


There was 1 new death since Saturday, May 9, bringing the total to 148.


Of the 1789 confirmed cases, 85 people are hospitalized. 19 of the 85 patients are in the ICU on a ventilator.

Recovered from Isolation

There have been 972 Recovered from Isolation – Confirmed cases to date. There have been 1200 total Recovered from Isolation to date. This number reflects confirmed positive COVID-19 cases and known presumed positive COVID-19 cases. 

Testing The 3-day average of daily total test taken in Monroe County is currently at 993 tests per day (PCR and Antibody testing). There have been 20303 total PCR tests received to date in Monroe County.