Monroe County reports 4 new COVID-19 deaths and 27 new cases

Apr 18, 2020

Monroe County Department of Public Health reported four new deaths due to COVID-19 on Saturday bringing the total to 68. There are 27 new confirmed cases of the virus. 

Credit Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Ninety-three people are being hospitalized, 32 of whom are on a ventilator in the Intensive Care Unit.

The latest confirmed cases include men and women ranging in age from 20s to 80s. Men in their 70s make up the majority of cases by a slight margin. 

There are now 997 confirmed cases in the county. Of those more than half, 575 people, have recovered from isolation.

These are the 26 newly confirmed cases in terms of gender and age as Monroe County reported on Saturday:

- 3 Females in their 20s

- 1 Male in his 20s

- 3 Females in their 30s

- 2 Males in their 30s

- 2 Females in their 40s

- 1 Male in his 40s

- 1 Female in her 50s

- 2 Males in their 50s

- 1 Female in her 60s

- 3 Males in their 60s

- 1 Female in her 70s

- 4 Males in their 70s

- 2 Females in their 80s

- 1 Male in his 80s