Monroe County Health Commissioner has new recommendation for childcare providers

Oct 28, 2020

Credit Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The Monroe County Department of Health Commissioner is strongly encouraging local childcare providers to adopt universal masking for children over 2 years of age.

“This is particularly important for kindergartners on up, as it is a requirement in their schools,” said Dr. Mendoza. “I believe adherence to masking and social distancing in schools have made them among the safest places in our community. It makes sense to extend the school guidelines, as much as possible, to childcare settings.”

New York State Department of Health guidelines for childcare providers, published in June, indicate children who have not entered kindergarten do not need to wear face coverings when they are in child care,and older children are encouraged, but not required, to wear face coverings.

As positive cases increase in Monroe County, Mendoza says the additional recommendation to strongly encourage universal mask wearing could help control the current spread. He urges parents to talk with their childcare providers about this recommendation.

Mendoza advises parents of children who qualify for a medical exemption from mask wearing to complete and submit a Medical Exemption Form to their childcare provider. The form is available at www.monroecounty.gov/health-COVID-19.

Also on Wednesday, the county health department reported 66 new confirmed cases of COVID-19. The county is now also reporting a 7-day rolling average of the latest cases, the latest is 61 new cases per day.

The COVID-19 infection rate for the Finger Lakes released on Wednesday (as of the Tuesday virus numbers) was 1.6%.  The 7-day rolling average was 1.7% and the 14-day rolling average was 1.5%. The Finger Lakes region includes Monroe and eight other counties.