Monroe County announces agreement to allow Lyft to operate at the airport

Jun 21, 2017

Credit WXXI photo

Lyft is the first ride-hailing service to sign an agreement with Monroe County to allow it to operate out of the Greater Rochester International Airport when the ride-hailing operations begin in upstate New York June 29th.

Starting that day, passengers arriving here can be picked up at a designated area in front of the baggage claim area.

County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo says it’s important that Monroe County have the same kind of services that many other communities have.

“When people are looking at Monroe County they want to make sure that they have amenities that they are accustomed to and ridesharing is certainly one of them, it’s a great economic driver for our economy, for our local people, for our businesses locating here.”

Dinolfo expects there will soon be a similar agreement with Uber.

Monroe County already has agreements with traditional taxi companies which also use the airport.