Mobile unit for addiction treatment to debut on the county’s west side

21 hours ago

New mobile unit was unveiled in Brockport today
Credit Kim Ackerman

Huther Doyle, an organization that offers addiction treatment and health-related services, is opening a new mobile treatment unit, offering its services on the west side of Monroe County. The new mobile unit will go out into the community starting next week.

President and CEO Kelly Reed says substance abuse has become a much bigger concern since the pandemic began, and the new mobile unit will bring services to those who normally wouldn’t enter a treatment program or can't to travel to one.

“They can walk on to that mobile treatment unit, and be evaluated for substance use disorder, and on that very same day, at that very same appointment, they can also receive medication assisted treatment to start them on their journey toward recovery,” Reed said.

Inside the mobile unit
Credit Kim Ackerman

One plus that the mobile treatment unit will offer, Reed said, is peer support.

"When you add an element of 'I understand because I walked the journey,' which even if a therapist has walked the journey, it’s not really appropriate for them to share that. But a peer is there specifically to share that,” Reed said.

Two grants from the state Office of Addiction Services and Supports, or OASAS, is supporting the mobile treatment unit initiative.