Mental Health Association to provide 100% virtual support services

Nov 24, 2020

As parts of Monroe County enter the Orange Zone, the Mental Health Association of Rochester is transitioning its services to all virtual.

Melanie Funchess, Director of Community Engagement with the MHA, said that peer support, family support, and creative wellness opportunities like art workshops and meditation are available to anyone.

“It is important for you to continue to mask up, keep your social distance and do those things and we will support you all that we can,” Funchess said.

That includes support groups run by certified peers, meaning people who have a mental health condition who are trained to assist others who may be struggling. During the holiday season and through the winter especially, she said that everyone needs connection.

“If you get that feeling that you should call someone, call them. If you feel that you should try to facetime them, facetime them. Send them a text message,” she said. “What we all need in this time is to know that we are seen, we are heard, and we are cared about.”

Funchess said that anyone who cannot access online support should call the MHA office if they need services at 585-325-3145.

If you need crisis assistance you can call or text 211 Lifeline, or reach the Affinity Place warm line service at 585-563-7470. Both are available 24/7.