The Memorial Art Gallery highlights Monet's "Waterloo Bridge" series

Oct 11, 2018

Claude Monet, "Waterloo Bridge, Veiled Sun" (detail) 1903
Credit Memorial Art Gallery

The Memorial Art Gallery already has three Monet’s, and one of those paintings relates to the series the famed French impressionist did of Waterloo Bridge over a period of years. And now, the MAG has seven more Waterloo Bridge paintings on loan for an exhibition that opened last weekend.

MAG Director Jonathan Binstock says the Waterloo Bridge series really offers museum patrons a firsthand experience of what impressionism is all about.

“What it affords is this opportunity to really get into Monet’s most important contribution, which is his understanding of and ability to render light and atmosphere. Monet was an impressionist; he was interested in the effect of light on the atmosphere," Binstock told WXXI News.

Binstock is also hoping the Monet exhibit will bring in people who may not be familiar with the Memorial Art Gallery.

“A lot of people will tell you they love the paintings of Monet, and certainly we’re hoping that will encourage a lot of visits to the Memorial Art Gallery, but it’s a terrific opportunity not only to indulge in the love of Monet and the beauty of these paintings but to learn about what Monet really contributed to the history of art."

The Monet program also includes a series of lectures and other events. The exhibit runs through January 6th. 

This video was put together by the MAG, which provides this description:

"An exciting aspect of our upcoming exhibition, Monet’s Waterloo Bridge: Vision and Process was the opportunity to work closely with the conservation lab at Buffalo State University. Newly-developed photographic technologies that allow close examination of the surface of the picture will make it possible to decipher more about how Monet altered his canvases from their initial rendering in London to his obsessive reworking of the canvases upon his return to France."