Mayor Warren awarded for supporting Rochester small businesses

Apr 20, 2017

Mayor Lovely Warren received the 2017 Partner America “Small Business Advocate” award Thursday morning, for her efforts and support of small businesses in Rochester.

The award is given by Partner America, a public-private partnership that was created by The U.S. Conference of Mayors, to assist mayors in providing the resources and information small businesses need to thrive within their local communities and the global economy.

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren (center) poses for a photo before being given the 2017 Small Business Advocate award.

“Rochester is on the move and it's on its way back. We have ditched the label of a city of decline and we are once again a city of growth,” Warren said. “We want all of you to know that your city government supports you.”

Along with Mayor Warren, Baye Muhammad, Commissioner of Neighborhood and Business Development, discussed local programs offered to small business owners. He said those resources are all made possible by the mayor’s dedication to this particular cause.

"For us, the direction [from Warren] is 'We are open for business.' The mayor, she doesn't ask us, she tells us make it happen, make the deal happen,” Muhammad said. “The reason she wants to make it happen, is people need to work, people need jobs, and we want the city to grow."

Warren also invited small business owners to the event at City Hall, to learn more about the helpful tools available through the city and its partners.