Mayor Pete supporters prepare for New York primary fight

Feb 5, 2020

Pete Buttigieg for president pins.
Credit James Brown / WXXI News

Delegates for Democratic Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg stopped by the Monroe County Board of Elections Wednesday to file petitions in an effort to get him on the ballot in Rochester for the New York presidential primary.

Meredith Cricco was among the local supporters in a group called Roc for Pete who turned in the 500 petitions.

The Brighton resident said she’s traveled the country to see Buttigieg give speeches and her son volunteered in Iowa during the caucuses. She said the South Bend, Indiana mayor’s solutions like “Medicare for All Who Want It” drove her to get involved. 

“He has a calming manner and a unifying message and that really matters. I thought that his policies are really thought out,” said Cricco.

Buttigieg has a slim lead over Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Iowa caucus but the votes are still being counted. A malfunctioning vote counting app has delayed the full results.

Cricco said she wishes there was a clear winner already.

Buttigieg supporters Kendra Evans, Meredith Cricco, Michelle Elder, and Eitan Sirkovich outside the Monroe County Board of Elections.
Credit James Brown / WXXI News

“I wish it would have been clearer the evening of, it takes away some of the momentum coming out of the caucuses, I guess I’m just a real big fan of paper ballots, ya know old school,” Cricco said.

Kendra Evans of Pittsford is an educator and Buttigieg delegate. Evans said the Buttigieg campaign has a lot of momentum coming out of Iowa. 

“Process aside I’m really excited to see the participation level,” said Evans. “That’s what we need to see from all democrats regardless of where your primary is when it takes place or what happens next that’s what’s most important right now.” 


New York’s presidential primary is April 28th.